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M Moniruzzaman


Testimonial from the officer in charge at the UNIC Dhaka

We found Dayemi Foundation very committed to promote the goals of UN. They have been carrying out a number of programmes to support socio economic development of Bangladesh.

Jeffery Huffines


Appreciation from the Chair at the 65th annual UN DPI/NGO conference

I was grateful for the support of the Dayemi Foundation who translated the DPI/NGO Conference Declaration into Bengali. I respect the Dayemi Foundation’s commitment to the underprivileged people specially children & youth of Bangladesh.

Winter Warmth 2016-17

Gratitude to all the friends & family, supporters who have already supported the appeal.

Support Dayemi Foundation – Together we can make things better

Hygiene Kits Nov 16

Hygiene Kits Distribution November 2016
Dayemi Foundation Social Welfare And Development Program (DF SWDP) 2016-18, Funded by For Kids’ Sake, USA and approved by the NGO Affairs Bureau of the Prime Ministers Office of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Dayemi Foundation SWDP 2016-18 is a development program for the betterment of the people in needs and to support & foster the United Nations “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDG’s) & the Bangladesh Government’s Development agenda “VISION 21”. We express our gratitude to our donors, supports, well-wishers.

The hygiene kit contains of a 100 gram body soap, 125 gram laundry soap, 50 gram toothpaste & a tooth brush. On the last week of November 2016, Dayemi team had distributed 425 hygiene kits among the Dayemi Foundation operated orphanage residents located in Brahmanbaria, Chittagong & Cox’s Bazaar district of Bangladesh.

During the distribution Dayemi Foundation team educate the orphanage residents about the “Importance of healthy living ”.

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Dayemi Foundation
4th December 2016

 Service Category: Vocational Training
  • Provision for vocational education to the students & create expertise in a specific trade (e.g. Basic computing, Tailoring, Electronics troubleshooting/Repair and others.)
  • Creates internship programs that provide students with real world experience.
  • Empower the vocational interns by developing social enterprise projects.
Service Category: Health Care

Dayemi Foundation prefers to practice “prevention is better than cure” approach. The foundation organizes numerous healthcare awareness & free medical consultation programs for the students and the surrounding rural people to assist them to lead healthier lives with minimum effort.

Social Welfare Programs

  • Basic Necessities– Provide food, clothing, accommodation, shelter, education, health care, motivation and social security to underprivileged children;
  • Education– Provide schooling through 12th grade, merit scholarships for higher education and career opportunities;
  • Vocational Training For Skill Development; Youth Empower Through Social Enterprises;

Social Development Programs

  • Promote Social Awareness on Key Social Issues and initiates Rural Development;
  • Promote Health Care and Health Education for Rural Communities;
  • Provide Humanitarian Assistance to the Victims of Natural Disaster.

Project Location

  • Zone A: (Brahmanbaria District)
  • Ibrahimpur, Nabinagar Brahmanbaria
  • Domrakandi, Bancharampur, Brahmanbaria


  • Zone B: (Chittagong District)
  • Satbaria, Chnaish, Chittagong
  • Amirabad, Lohagara, Chittagong
  • Charamba, Lohagara, Chittagong