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” Commemorating International Mother Language Day: Honoring Heritage and Sacrifice”

At Dayemi Foundation, we believe in the power of language to unite communities and preserve cultural heritage. On the 21st of February, we joined millions around the world in commemorating International Mother Language Day, a day of profound significance for Bangladesh as it coincides with Great Martyr’s Day. Across our project sites in Brahmanbaria and Chattogram, students came together to pay tribute to language martyrs and celebrate the richness of their mother tongue.

The day commenced with fervent enthusiasm as students engaged in a variety of activities aimed at honoring the sacrifices made to protect their linguistic identity. Colorful rallies filled the streets, echoing with chants of reverence for those who gave their lives for the preservation of language. Discussions and forums provided platforms for reflection on the importance of language diversity and the enduring legacy of linguistic martyrs.

Amidst solemn remembrance, the spirit of celebration flourished as students showcased their creativity and linguistic prowess through a series of competitions. From poetry recitations to art exhibitions, each competition served as a testament to the profound love and pride felt for the mother tongue. Prayer meetings offered moments of collective contemplation, as participants prayed for peace and unity through the medium of language.

The essence of the day was captured in the heartfelt expressions of love and respect for language, transcending borders and uniting communities in a shared appreciation for linguistic diversity. Through these activities, students not only celebrated their mother tongue but also reaffirmed their commitment to upholding the values of inclusivity and cultural heritage.

As we reflect on the significance of International Mother Language Day, let us continue to honor the sacrifices of the past and nurture the linguistic diversity that enriches our world. Together, let us strive to build a future where every language is cherished and celebrated, fostering harmony and understanding among all peoples.


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