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At the heart of Dayemi Foundation lies a profound commitment to nurturing young lives. Our six orphanages shelter over 600 children. They are a nurturing place where dreams grow through education, healthcare, and, most importantly, nutritious food. Our belief is steadfast: a healthy body is the bedrock of a brilliant future.

For us, nutrition transcends mere sustenance—it’s a catalyst for change. Recognizing that proper nutrition is pivotal for cognitive and physical development, our kitchens become more than food-preparation areas; they are nutrition heavens. Each meal, crafted by our dedicated chefs and overseen by expert nutritionists, is a balanced blend of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. These meals are not just to satiate hunger but to construct a sturdy foundation for growth and learning. Our care extends far beyond nutritious meals. We’re crafting a future where each child is empowered with health and confidence. The nourishment we provide is the seed from which resilient, capable young individuals grow, ready to embrace their potential and dreams.