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“Promoting Wellness: Dayemi Foundation’s Hygiene Initiative in Moulavibazar”

At Dayemi Foundation, our commitment to promoting hygiene and wellbeing extends beyond mere words. On February 17, 2024, we had the privilege of distributing essential hygiene kits to the students of A Madrasha in Komolgonj, Moulavibazar. This initiative aimed to empower the students with the tools and knowledge necessary to maintain good hygiene practices, ensuring their overall health and wellbeing.

The distribution event was a collaborative effort between Dayemi Foundation and the local community, with a focus on providing students with the essentials for proper hygiene. Each hygiene kit included soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush, and shampoo—basic yet vital items for maintaining cleanliness and health.

Beyond distributing hygiene kits, Dayemi Foundation also conducted an enlightening awareness session on hygiene practices during the program. This session emphasized the importance of personal hygiene routines, demonstrating proper techniques for oral care and overall cleanliness. By imparting this knowledge, we aim to instill lifelong habits that contribute to the students’ wellbeing and success.

In total, 45 hygiene kit sets were distributed among the students of that Madrasha. The enthusiasm and gratitude shown by the beneficiaries reflect the impact of our collective efforts in promoting health and hygiene within the community.

Dayemi Foundation remains dedicated to initiatives that uplift and empower communities. Through our recent distribution of hygiene kits and awareness session in Moulavibazar, we strive to contribute to a healthier, happier future for the students and residents alike.

As we witnessed the smiles and expressions of gratitude from the students, it reaffirmed our belief in the transformative power of collective action. Dayemi Foundation is deeply grateful for the support and collaboration of the local community, whose unwavering commitment made this initiative possible.

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