For Kid’s Sake International

Imagine a symphony across the vast ocean, where the melody of compassion transcends borders and continents. From its Illinois home, For Kids’ Sake (FKS) International hums a vibrant tune, intertwining its notes with Dayemi Foundation’s rhythm of hope. This US-based charity isn’t just a donor; it’s a cornerstone, a vital pillar in Dayemi Foundation’s journey to empower vulnerable communities.

Since its inception, FKS has woven a tapestry of dedication, its threads spun from the hearts of countless volunteers. Their passion for social good burns bright, fueling imaginative fundraising events, heartfelt donations, and generous grants. Each act of kindness becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of hope, ensuring even the darkest corners are touched by FKS’ light.

Think of whimsical bake sales buzzing with laughter, vibrant charity walks painting the streets with unity, and thoughtful campaigns igniting a ripple effect of support. Every dollar raised by FKS becomes a life-giving drop, nourishing Dayemi Foundation’s initiatives from afar. Imagine classrooms flourishing with new textbooks, empowered women learning new skills, and children’s faces beaming with the joy of safe water and healthcare – all threads woven with the generosity of FKS.

This transatlantic partnership isn’t just about exchanging resources; it’s about exchanging hearts. FKS volunteers become invisible bridges, their dedication echoing across the ocean, reminding us that compassion has no borders. They see challenges as opportunities, turning adversity into a canvas for hope.

The For Kid Sake International program is a five-year initiative that aims to make a positive impact on the lives of children in Bangladesh. The program will focus on the following key areas:

  • Education: providing access to quality education for children from underserved communities.
  • Healthcare: Ensuring that children have access to essential healthcare services.
  • Nutrition: Improving child nutrition and addressing malnutrition
  • Protection: protecting children from abuse, exploitation, and violence.
  • Empowerment: Equipping children with the skills and knowledge they need to reach their full potential
  • Residents Sports: This activity promotes physical activity, healthy lifestyles, and teamwork among children through various sports programs.
  • Gardening Work: This activity engages children in gardening activities to promote environmental awareness, encourage healthy eating habits, and develop life skills.